HVA-Factory may be for sale!!!!

To our customers old and new.

Now I don’t want you to panic, but I am looking to sell HVA-Factory!  I want someone who shares our passion, to take over running this very successful business.  A likely applicant would have to convince me that they have what it takes to go forward with HVA, having an excellent knowledge of the vintage Husqvarna bikes and scene. This would then allow me the time to run a full time Vintage Husqvarna race team – that in turn would benefit the HVA-Factory brand in that it would run under the HVA name but at no cost to the brand.

Let me just say that I am in no particular hurry to do this and I continue to invest heavily in the business.  Our stock level is well over the 1 Million GBP in very high quality stock and this grows weekly as new parts and products are added.

If you think you genuinely have what it takes (the business could be run from any location in the world), you may contact me.  Please however do not do this if you are just curious!

I expect that this process may take years to finalize a deal and will offer my continued support forever!

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